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Konnichiwa!! Welcome to the Trading Board...here, we welcome traders all over the world to stop by and trade ^_^
You can find most items here to be jrock and occasionally jpop/animes.
Hope you'll discover interesting findings here ^^ Have you leave your name yet??

Plz note that unreliable traders will be removed from the board and I'm not responsible for any of these claims. If you know of any unreliable trader in this board, plz inform/email me. Thanks!

Trader Candice
Date : 01 Feb 2001
Country SG
Have for trade Mostly videos and some CDs
Trading List http://www.glay.per.sg/collection.htm
Trading For videos or magazine pages, posters, cut-outs, etc.
Rmks : For sale items, http://www.glay.per.sg/sale.htm, For mag trade items, http://www.glay.per.sg/trade.htm

Trader kyo666
Date : 30 Jan 2001
Country US
Have for trade dir en grey.email me for list
Trading For dir en grey:malice mizer:pierrot:niel:and other jrock jgoth bands(only hard
stuff!no soft stuff like Gackt!! >< ;
Rmks : email me for GREAT prices and good trades!

Trader Deedlit
Date : 28 Jan 2001
Country VE
Have for trade Jrock/Jpop Albums, singles, PVs and lives performances
Trading List http://www.geocities.com/laruku200/list_all.doc
Trading For I want Rouage specially!!!! and any jrock music that I don't have

Trader dOiNk
Date : 14 Jan 2001
Country SG
Have for trade Alot of Jrock and Jpop pvs ,X japan concerts (vcds),luna sea concerts (vcd),
l'arc en ciel concerts.
Trading For stuff from siam shade(concert)(PVs)(Lives), raphael(concert), Due le quartz,
Plastic Tree(lives), Lareine(lives), and ani other jrock stuff
Rmks : u can find me in galaxynet #jpop

Trader Alex Date : 25 Nov 2000
Country US
Have for trade Any Luna Sea cd ever made, including last single LOVE SONG. Songs from Jrock band CRAZE's cd "I don't like Backstreetboys." Buck-Tick, Dir en Grey, Madeth Grey'll, Aliene Mar'iage, DUNExxx, Blam Honey, Machine, La-Mule, Pyuera, Art Marju Duchain, Motor Man, and some others.
Trading For Blam Honey's "Geneous Forture in the Garden Part 1" from Grandoise Delusion. Malice Mizer stuff. !!!VIDEOS!!! (especially Dir en Grey)

Trader hideto09 Date : 14 Nov 2000
Country SG
Have for trade X Japan, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, and other jrock/pop videos!!
Trading List http://www14.brinkster.com/hideto09
Trading For more jrock videos

Trader Colin Date : 05 Sep 2000
Country SG
Have for trade Glay's Heavy Gauge Score Book in Perfect condition.
Trading For I realised i have hardly interest for glay songs anymore and it was so difficult for me to interpret....argh, so maybei could trade with u guys for some other score books? or maybe a few score magazines? in particular the october issue of gigs? with glay's mermaid, and i would like to find dir en grey's issue of children too. any other items u would like to offer to trade for, just email me.
Remarks email me at baiser@catcha.com I would prefer trading with pple from the same country for faster and more efficient transactions.... :)

Trader Demon Goddess Ryoko Date : 26 Jul 2000
Country US
Have for trade Check out my trading list! I have a lot of anime, and some jpop/jrock. And I also burn CDs, so make sure to check out my Mp3 list at http://www.geocities.com/sailor__10/Mpp3Archive.htm
Trading List http://www.geocities.com/sailor__10/TradingMain.htm
Trading For Gackt! Gackt? Gackt!? Music videos, mostly! Ummm, X-Japan, Hide, Malice Mizer, Luna Sea . . . But mostly Gackt! ^_^ Check out http://www.geocities.com/sailor__10/WantedJpopJrock.htm for my specific want list!
Remarks Heck, while you're at it, just check my page itself! http://www.geocites.com/sailor__10/Index1.htm *sigh* Gackt . . . Later all!

Trader kai Date : 20 Apr 2000
Country US
Have for trade Various Artists mag cutouts (B-pass,Shoxx,R&R Newsmaker,Pop Beat,Cd-data,Gb) of Penicillin,Sophia,SIAM SHADE,La'cryma Cristi,Glay, and etc.
Trading For LUNA SEA 's TV appearance during 'Rosier'~'True Blue' and now. Ryuichi's mag cutouts also (during his solo works and solo interviews)
Remarks I have some mags,Cd-album, and Cd-singles for sale*

Trader Kijima Date : 13 Apr 2000
Country US
Have for trade (original)Plastic Tree- sink single (original)Dir en grey- cage single random anime
Trading For anything by S, Vasalla, Blamhoney, indies Kuroyume, Lamiel, La'Mule and all Key Party bands Dir en grey- myaku single, Gauze video or live video Zigzo album, hold your key 200 video
Remarks Will trade for CDRs or VHS copies of anything listed

Trader Reema Date : 04 Apr 2000
Country US
Have for trade X (CD), hide(VHS and CD),GLAY (VHS and CD),DEG(VHS and CD), some various Jpop performances and other Visual artist. E-mail me for complete list.
Trading For Just about any visual kei bands and mag pictures of DEG, hide and X .

Trader chibitare Date : 23 Mar 2000
Country TH
Have for trade A lot of J-Rock TV Program you can check my list from List site
Trading List http://www.geocities.com/devil_larc/index.htm
Trading For Luna sea TV Program since 97 below or the other program except M station Heyx3 Utaban PopJam
Remarks Just Trade only!!Please read the rule before trading but if you don't have Luna sea TV Program, you can trade the other band or the other stuffs

Trader Lady Setsuna Date : 23 Jan 2000
Country US
Have for trade Some XJapan CD's (can only make cassette copies right now) including XJapan on piano and guitar. (VERY RELAXING STUFF)
Various other Jrock CD's and videos. Email for list. Also selling/trading some Jrock magazines.
Trading List https://www.angelfire.com/pa3/celebration
Trading For Any videos that I don't have of XJapan, Malice Mizer, Lareine, Shiver, Raphael and a few others.
Remarks I also have a large collection of anime and anime soundtracks too. If you are looking for anything in particular, please let me know.

Trader HAIDO Date : 22 Jan 2000
Country TH
Have for trade CUTOUTS from various magazines including those of Glay, Penicillin, X-Japan, Malice Mizer
Trading For CUTOUTS of hyde and L'Arc~en~Ciel
Remarks If you are interested, I'll give you a lists of magazines which the cutouts came from.

Trader Sabi Date : 05 Jan 2000
Country CA
Have for trade CD-R copies of: Raphael - Mind Soap, Hide Spirits Tribute album, Glay - Super Best album.
VHS copies of: Dir en Grey - Gauze -62045-, Raphael - Vision of Extremes II
Trading For Any albums, singles or videos for visual rock groups, especially Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, Raphael, D'avid)shito:aL,Key Party stuff, or any promising new indies bands you think I might like.
Remarks I can also burn custom audio CDs using MP3s. Please e-mail if interested

Trader stargazerlily Date : 03 Jan 2000
Country US
Have for trade VHS copies (not from originals): X/X-Japan, Luna Sea, L'Arc~en~Ciel, hide and various others
Audio cassettes of CDs (albums & singles): X/X-Japan and several others
Trading List http://music.acmecity.com/coversongs/194/audvisnotes.html
Trading For VHS copies of X/X-Japan, The Yellow Monkey, any visual kei

Trader Kawaii Gackt Date : 12 Apr 2000
Country US
Have for trade Many JRock CDs, VCDs, VHS, also, many HK and Japanese movies on VCD and VHS
Trading URL http://www.pacifier.com/~lcarr/trade.htm
Trading For Just check out the wanted list on the page, alos if you see an artist on my list of things I have, and you have a video or CD I dont, offer, I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks!!^_^

Trader Kenshin Date : 22 Dec 99
Country US
Have for trade copies of: Any hide CD, GLAY-Heavy guage, Luna Sea-Never sold out, X Japan-Silent jealousy, live in tokyo dome 2CD, and Perfect best 2 CD. I have videos: hide-A STORY last works, Luna Sea Concert Never sold out, and the documentry video, Glay-Survival Music video, hide- hIS iNVINCIBLE dILUGE eVIDINCE, hide-7 clips.
Trading For any hide memorobeilia, i'll pay rather high for ANYTHING on him, card, pic, poster, magazine, dolls, TV appearance on tape.. i also like jrock posters if anyone is willing to sell or trade. other then that, just show me your list and i might be interested in somethin!

Trader angel Date : 20 Dec 99
Country CA
Have for trade Not much, but I can make CD-R of the albums i have (X-Japan, hide, luna sea, laruku, glay, DEG, pierrot) or VHS copies
Trading For Anything... X-Japan, Luna Sea, and Dir En Grey especially, magazines or VHS... I will also pay if there is nothing I have that you would like to trade with ^^
Remarks While you're at it, visit my site! http://members.xoom.com/angel_999 ~~ hope to hear from you soon!

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