This trading list is formed for the benefit of all of us, especially if you're like me, someone who listens to a wide variety of songs, artistes, etc and have many interests.
So, go ahead, take a look at the items which I have listed (still have many not listed, but will do so therefore please come back often for the updates), and finally feel free to [email] me with your offers ^^
Please read some important messages below before venturing to view the list! They give an overview of the trading.

If you have items to trade, plz join the Trading board

Please Note:

~ Please limit to about 5 items per trading, unless there's a good reason for more ^^
~ Please send the items by airmail and registered or shipment if items are really heavy.
~ There is no fixed 'rules' as to what constitutes fair trading, as long as both parties agree
~ Please be honest in your trading
~ I have mentioned that if you really wish to trade but couldn't make any copies, I can assist by you sending me the original    item which I would sent back to you as soon as I finished and I mean it! But whatever the case, please send email to    inform me first @_@
~ I prefer to trade using copies of the originals for most CDs/VCDs, but if you want the originals, please go to the 4-sale list.    If you are offering cash for the items/copies of the item, I'm more than glad to accept any reasonable offer. I am using the    best gold cdrs for copies ^^And yes, you are also welcome to send CD or tape copies to me. More details below.
~ MD trading (currently I'm using Sony Prism) is now available ^^
~ For people interested in buying the items, please feel free to email me about any doubts you might have ^^ (hee I dunno    why but I just like buying and selling stuffs ^^ )
~ Tips for anyone's looking for cheaper versions, 1. You can get cd copies 2. You can get the taiwan versions (If you can't    find, you can always email me, I'll try and help ^^)
3. You know what ^_^

Conditions of the goods for sale:
Please rest assure that the things you find here are in good condition (almost new for many items!) unless otherwise stated. Sometimes I have 2 copies of the items and sometimes I never listen to it. If you want to be sure, you can always ask me first.
* The goods
-- CDs
-- VCDs
-- Video Tapes, Cassette Tapes (gomen. I dun have any at the moment…)
-- Photobooks, Photos, Pictures, Comics, Novels, Magazines, Miscellaneous

CDs (Audio CDs and Video CDs)
I can make CD copies, and similarly I accept CD copies too. And I can also make CD copies if you are sending the CD to me, and the CD which you sent will be returned back to you immediately after it is copied. For CD copies, titles, lyrics, booklet information may be provided. The details will be clarified. Compilation of songs is possible.
The variations are :
CD -> cassette tape
CD -> CD
VCD -> video cassette
video cassette -> VCD
Tapes (Videos and Cassettes)
If you're trading tapes, but doesn't have another VCR around, I can also make tape copies if you are sending the tape to me, and again the tape which you sent will be returned back to you immediately after it is copied.

Photobooks, Photos, Pictures, Comics, Animes, Novels, Magazines, Miscellaneous
The items listed in this category are most probably for sale, I can't make any copies unless it's just some pages etc…
Ok, now you see how it works , blast off to see the list!!!!!!!
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Plz note that unreliable traders will be removed from the board and I'm not responsible for any of these claims. If you know of any unreliable trader in this board, plz inform/email me. Thanks!
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