Hehe I just created this little Baiser corner, here, you'll find basic infomation of Baiser and their discography ^^ and wow look at their discography, they're so many, they have many items with the same name, my guess is that since the items are sold out, they reproduce other versions/ music might change a bit etc... ..... btw you'll realise that 96 and 97, they did not have any new works, where did they go?? Hehe.. that's for you to find out ^^

Ok.. there'll be 50 questions special coming later on... maybe I might only translate the answers that come from Yukari and Katsura! How's that?? One reason is I dun like Shaisuke, his hentai.. (I'm sure I understand his interview anwers although it's in japanese) Anyway for the moment I like Yukariiii ^^ and Katsura in Baiser ^^ hehe .. okok maybe the rest 2 members, see if any of youl wanna know, you can tell me in the message board if you want the other 2's answers..

And I'm glad that Baiser is getting more and more popular!! Yippee Baiser fans!!! ^_^


Members of Baiser since
Sep 97


Birthdate : Jun 16
Blood type : Unknown

Birthdate : Sep 13
Blood type : O

Hmm Baiser ^^ I guess the group's name come from a French word, which means Kiss ^^

If you look at their discography, you would notice the word Kuchizuke appearing many times, that word has the same meaning in Japanese.

In Japan, Baiser is pronounced as ( Be-ze )

Birthdate : Jan 8
Blood type : A


Jun 94 : Kuchizuke (Album)

Feb 95 : Fleur de Fleurs (Album)
Feb 95 : Ash (Album)
Aug 95 : [PICTURES-Virtue Style] (video) + CD [PICTURES-Vice Style]

Feb 98 : en fleur (Video & CD),
en fleur (Mini-Album)
Apr 98 : Kaleidoscope (Mini-Album),
Kaleidoscope Picture ~ Kuchizuke ~ (Video),
Kaleidoscope Picture ~ Glass ~ (Video)
Jul 98 : Kuchizuke (Single)
Aug 98 : Terre (Album)
Sep 98 : Kuchizuke - Lawson special Edit (Maxi-Single)
Oct 98 : La Luna (Album),
Utopia (Video Box)
Nov 98 : Psychoballet (Single)

Apr 99 : Paradise Lost ~ the case of Adam (maxi-single)
May 99 : Prism (Single)
Aug 99 : Angel (Single)
Oct 99 : Doku (Single)
Nov 99 : Hana (First Major album)
Birthdate : Dec15
Blood type : A
Birthdate : Jan 21
Blood type : A
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