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* Index 63
Dir en Grey...(ohhhhh those poses, I like that Toshiya-Kaoru pose =p hehe), Luna sea, Gackt, that threesome concert-Penicillin, Sads and DEG, Plastic Tree, Janne Da Arc, Lareine, Malice Mizer (the 3 of them wear the same Mana-style costume)

* Index 65
Ohh lot's of DEG Special(I like Kyo's costumes alot ^^), like Band History, New Album, Band score of Yokan (Hahaha they finally put Yokan =p yep my fav song ^^) and ra??kuni, other scores include Glay-Mermaid, Rodeo Radio-Zeri, Perrot-Follower, 19-


* Index 66
Tons of great DEG images, Gackt, Aucifer, Malice Mizer, TMR, 19, Sophia, Yuzu etc,,,

Special : Dir en grey poster

* Index 76
Dir en Grey, Glay, Aucifer, Sophia, Doggy Bag, Taizo, Gackt, TMR etc...
Special : Huge poster of DEG

Index 78
Gackt special(nice pics), Aucifer, janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, Dir en grey, Doggy Bag, Blue-B, siam-shade, sex machinegun.. etc...
Special : Huge poster of Gackt

Index : 073
Artistes : Sophia, 19, TMR, Pierrot, Cascade, Aucifer, Hair Cuts, Surface, Pierrot, Hysteric blue, pool pit boys, penicillin, feel, trantic nerve, yuzu etc...
Special : Sophia, yuzu, 19, cascade, pierrot,cascade, Aucifer, tmr, larc etc... 6 pages of cards

Index 69
Special gold issue(aahh very shiny) Larc en ciel, other artistes include Glay, Sophia, Aucifer, 19, etc...

* Index 68
Malice Mizer, cool pictures, a 14page Hide Special, etc etc... ^^

*Index : 059
Artistes : DEG!!!! Pierrot!!, Lareine, Janne Da Arc, Baiser, La'mule etc... need I say more =p
Special : A huge DEG poster!

Index 73
Special Anniversary Issue : Glay, Aucifer, Tetsu(larc), Yuzu, Sophia, Blue-B, Luna Sea, 19, TMR

Index : 053
Artistes : Yoshiki, Luna sea, Gackt, Janne Da Arc, La'cryma, Sex machinegun, blue-B etc....
Special : A huge Yoshiki poste

* Index : 005
Artistes : Malice Mizer Special, Sophia, hide w spread beaver, Kuroyume, Luna Sea, Pierrot, DEG, Shazna, Laputa, Guniw Tools, Plastic Tree, D-Shade, Transtic Nerve, Lareine, D=sire, Baiser, Transtic Nerve, la'cryma etc..

Index 83
Description : A must have Malice Mizer collection as it contains their images from 1997 to 2001... nice ^^

* Index : 039
Artistes :
Hide, Glay, Luna Sea, Dir en Grey, /\ucifer, Transtic Nerve, TMRe, blue B, etc... It features hide's special with different styles of Hide..

Index 81
Main stars
Gackt | Raphael | PIERROT | SOPHIA | BLue-B | CASCADE | ROUAGE | LAREINE | Zipang
Aliene Ma'riage(Mast) | Plastic Tree | LAID | S etc...


Index 79
Yoshiki (yah he appeared again! ^^), Sophia, Dir en Grey, 19, Malice Mizer, Doggy Bag, Blue-B, Takui,, sophia, TMRe

* Index : 001
Artistes : DEG Special, TMR, Luna Sea, Pierrot, Cascade, Malice Mizer, Pool pit boys, Da pump, Blue B, 19, Transtic Nerve, Lastier, Plastic Tree, Alfee,Machera etc...

* Index : 003
Artistes : Pierrot Special, Siam Shade, Cascade, Rouage, Sex Machineguns, Plastic tree, Sophia, Lareine, Baiser, Raphael, Laputa, DEG, Fanatic Crisis, 808, D-shade, MM-Kami, La'cryma, Blue etc..
Special : Back cover Blue

* Index : 007
Artistes : Front cover : Fanatic Crisis
Penicillin / Malice Mizer / Sophia / Dir en grey / La'cryma Christi Shazna / D-Shade / 808 / Chisato / media youth / Blue B / LAREINE / Raphael / the Pete Best / MASCHERA / L'luvia, CLOSE / Joanne Da Arc / Pierrot / SIAM SHADE / Plastic Tree / Blue / Sex Machineguns /
Cascade / Rouage
Special : Back cover Baiser

Index : 32
Artistes : Malice Mizer, La'cryma,Feel, Fanatic Crisis, Maschera, Blue, Pierrot, Laputa, Siam Shade etc.. this's a very nice book ^^

* Index : 031
Artistes : Dir en grey, Lareine, Baiser, Raphael, Maschera, Blue, Plastic Tree, D-shade, MM- Mana, Gisho, Laputa, Pierrot, Guniw Tools, Transtic Nerve, Janne Da Arc, Blue B, Close, Rouage,La'cryma, Machine, Fanatic Crisis, Shazna, sex machineguns etc.
Special : Backcover sex machineguns

* Index : 027
Artistes : Frontcover:Penicillin, Shazna, Cascade, Sophia, sex machineguns, Plastic Tree, Guniw Tools, Laputa, Fanatic Crisis, All I need, Baiser, Feel, Illumina, Raphael, Pierrot, Blue, D-shade, La'cryma, Rouage, Siam shade, , Mana, DEG
Special : Backcover DEG

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