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Index : 004
Artistes : Rapheal Special, Transtic Nerve, L'luvia, Janne Da Arc, Zigzo, Plastic Tree, La'cryma, Penicillin, Blue B, Cloud, Fanatic Crisis, Blue, Luca, Maschera, Laputa, Cascade, Lareine, Malice Mizer, Pierrot, concert pics, La'mule etc...
Special : Back cover La'mule
Index : 002
Artistes : Sophia Special, Malice Mizer, Luna Sea, Glay, Hide, Janne Da Arc, Lareine, D-Shade, Blue B, La'cryma, Takui, Luca, Laputa, Blue, Kein, La'mule, Pjuer etc...
Special : Big Sophia poster
Index : 008
Artistes : Kamijo (LAREINE), Yuki (Raphael), Anchang (Sex machineguns, Yasu (Janne Da Arc)
SOPHIA / Pierrot / Fanatic Crisis / LAREINE / Transtic Nerve / Rapheal / BAISER / Plastic Tree / Blue / Zigzo / Blue B / GUNIW TOOLS / La'mule / CLOSE / 808 / machine / Chisato / Sex machineguns/ D-Shade / Joanne Da Arc / L'luvia / Laputa / Hiro (La'cryma Christi) / Kami tribute / Ryutaro and Full special
Special : Back cover Maschera
*Index : 009
Artistes : SUGIZO, Pierrot (vo), Kiyoharu x Full Face, Dir en grey, Mana & Kami, Shazna, Chisato, Lareine, La' Mule, Transtic Nerve, Plastic Tree, Valentine D.C, Dragon Ash, Rouage, Baiser, CLOSE, Sophia, Machine, Guniw Tools, Janne Da Arc, Laputa, La'cryma Christi, Aliene Ma'riage, LUCA
Comments : Many cool Sugizo piccys ^^, other nice piccys mana and Kami, Dir en grey, Chisato, Shazna, Lareine ^^, Aliene Ma'riage^^ ... etc
* Index : 010
Artistes : DIR EN GREY(hoo cool piccys ^^), SADS, Gackt (nice ^^), Pierrot ^^, Raphael, Transtic Nerve, Joanne Da Arc, Lareine, La'Mule, Close, Blue, V.D.C, Zigzo, Luna Sea, La'cryma Christi, Siam shade, Laputa, Guniw Tools, Shazna, machine, Gisho, 808, Plastic Tree, Buck Tick etc...
Comments : This issue has the coolest Dir en grey piccys I have seen so far =p and there are some others also very nice like Raphael, Plastic Tree, Pierrot, Gackt, La'mule, Blue, machine, Gisho, Buck Tick, Shazna... etc.. ^^
Index : 011
Artistes : SADS, Glay, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Penicillin, Shazna, Pierrot, Buck-Tick, Laputa, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, Raphael, LAREINE, Transtic Nerve, D-Shade, Guniw Tools, Zigzo, Siam Shade, La'cryma Christi btw this issue has the nicest LAREINE billet promotion pics! and the Kiyoharu, plastic tree and Maschera pics are also nice!
Index : 012
Artistes : This is a Jiro Special, with ~30 pages of photos, double page cover, and also a huge 2-side poster!... Nice photography....

Other artistes include : Sophia, Yuzu, Penicillin, end of genesis TMR, Da Pump, Hysteric Blue, 19, Hair cuts, Aucifer, Transtic Nerve, Feel, Izam, and many nice CMs ^^
Index : 013
Artistes :This issue has many nice Glay pictures and a huge poster! Other artistes includes L'arc en ciel, Yuzu, Sophia, Pierrot, Cascade, 19, TMR, Fanatic Crisis, Zigzo, La'cryma Christi, Shazna, Plastic Tree, Feel, D-Shade etc.....
Index : 014
Artistes : This is a Penicillin special issue. It contains special photos, interviews, DATUM, 8 posters and 4 postcards + stickers. This is almost like a Penicillin photobook ^^ it has pictures of them separately and together. The photography inside are superb ^^
Index : 015

Needless to say, the issue's photography is..... ^___^
*Index : 016
Artistes : Ryuichi, Glay, Sophia, 19, Pierrot, Pierrot, Aucifer, Dir en Grey, TMR-e, La'cryma, Malice Mizer, Plastic Tree, Machine, Transitc Nerve, Blue-B, Feel, Janne Da Arc, Raphael, D-Shade, sex Machineguns, Zigzo, etc...Special : 2 double spread featuring Ryuichi(2), Aucifer and Blue-B

Heehee lots of very nice pics in here (no not only Ryuichi, there's Dir en grey, Raphael, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, Aucifer, Pierrot.....)
Index : 017
Artistes : Misturu(sophia), 326 Malice Mizer, Feel, Plastic Tree (Ryutaro), Dir en grey, sex machine Guns, Aiko, TMR, L'arc en ciel, 19, Pierrot, Aucifer, Yuzu, Raphael, Blue B, Janne Da Arc, Transtic Nerve, D-Shade, Hysteric Blue, Surfacem Zigzo, L'luvia, Chisato, Machine, Hair cuts, Something else, etc....

Special - Double side posters of Mitsuru, Mitsuru & 326 and 4 postcards
* Index : 018
Artistes : This is a special issue and it has full of beautiful piccys........
There's a 32 page Pierrot special, 20 page Gackt special, 20 page Luna Sea special, 16 page Plastic Tree special, 20 page Transtic Nerve special etc......

There's also a huge double side poster of Pierrot and Gackt.. What a big pictorial magazine ... Cool ^^!
* Index : 019
Artistes : Dir en grey special!! , 19, Malice Mizer, sex Machineguns, Aucifer, TMR-e, Plastic Tree, B'z etc...

Special : huge Dir en grey poster ^^, 19 on the other side

Index : 020
Artistes : Malice Mizer, La'cryma, Blue, DEG, Guniw tools, Pierrot, sex machineguns, Shazna, Baiser, Rapheal, Plastic Tree, media youth, Rouage, L'arc, concert gigs, Fanatic Crisis etc...
Special :Backcover Fanatic Crisis + sex machinegun pull out poster

Index : 021
Artistes : Gackt, DEG, TMR, La'cryma, Pierrot, Sophia, Glay, 19, B'z, Feel, Janne Da Arc, Shazna, Hair cuts, sex machineguns, pool pit boys, Sophia, Guniw Tools, illumina, Siam Shade, Transtic Nerve, etc
Special : Huge Gackt poster

* Index : 022
Artistes : Malice Mizer (32page), D-Shade, Rouage, La'cryma - koji, Fanatic Crisis, DEG, Lareine, Blue, Guniw Tools, Eins Vier, Luca, Vasalla, Plastic Tree, kneuklid Romance, kill=slay, Pierrot
Index : 023
Artistes : Raphael, La'mule, Luca, Cloud, Kazushi-Rouage, sex machineguns, Transtic Nerve, Janne Da Arc, Lareine
Special : Backcover Lareine
"Contains too many beautiful piccys ^^ "
Index : 024
Artistes : Frontcover :Fanatic Crisis, d-shade, sex Machineguns, Laputa, Maschera, transtic nerve, Taka-La'cryma, Aliene Ma'riage, Luca, Close,La'mule, Baiser, L'luvia, Rouage, Zigzo, Plastic Tree, Lareine, Malice Mizer, machine, concert gigs, Rapheal
Special : Backcover rapheal
Index : 034
Artistes : Glay, Pierrot, Sophia, Shena Ringo, Sekimas II.. tons of stuffs, Shinya, Levin, scores include Winter Again, Yuuwaru, Kanojo no Modern, Shtter Speeds, The changing (by Bz's ??), Sophia Beautiful

Special : A huge doubleside glay poster
Index : 026
Artistes : Sophia, DEG, Sads, La'cryma, Janne Da Arc, Lareine, Plastic Tree, La'mule, Vasalla, Lamiel, taka-transtic nerve, Kiyoshi, Noir Fleurir, fanatic Crisis, Chisato, Laputa, Shazna, Malice Mizer, Pierrot,
Index : 032
Artistes : Sophia-mitsuru, DEG, Malice Mizer, La'cryma, Shazna, Glay, D-shade, Mirage, sex machineguns, Lareine, Transtic Nerve, Pierrot-Kirito, Yuki-Rapheal, Yasu-Janne Da Arc, illumina, Raphael,
Index : 028
Artistes : doublecover:L'arc-tons of nice Larc pictures, Aucifer, Glay, Sophia, shazna, 19, Blue B, Cascade, porno graffitti, Yuzu, hair cuts, TMR, iceman, pool bit boys,
Special : Backcover L'arc en ciel
Index : 029
Artistes : This contains almost 90% of Larc en ciel from their indies times till now. Has many informations and pictures. Also has other bands like Glay, Bz, Sophia etc... special : Larc's card
Index : 030
Artistes : Penicillin, Cascade, La'cryma. Shazna, Siam shade, Pierrot-kirito, blue, Fanatic Crisis, Sophia, Malice mizer-kozi/yuki, Raphael, Plastic Tree, D-shade, Dir en grey, Guniw Tools etc...
Special : Backcover Guniw Tools

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