~ Merry-Go-Round ~
Character description

Yatori, age 32 : An Italian Mafia leader, who took over his father's famous gang for 2 years. Has a Japanese mother who force him to leave in Japan with her)

Ryutaro, age 22 : Yatori's young wife.

Kamijo, age 26 : Yatori's mistress, a seductive "woman" who seems to be able to capture Yatori's mood.

Hakuei, age 25 : A hooker from New York, who landed in Japan and is seeking a place to stay from Yatori. Somehow, Yatori also likes Hakuei ^^
Suzigo, age 27 : A gay nightclub owner . Used to have a nightclub called 'Suzigo's Sanctuary'. Is Hakuei's best buddy in New York ^^

Ryuichi : Suzigo's demanding partner ^^ who later changes the name "Sugizo's Sanctuary" to "Ryuichi's Paradise".

Gackt : A mystery mortal? who seems to be after Ryutaro, has a tendency of emerging in the night….

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ACT 1 : It's a sunny day, dear!

ACT 2 : Hey.. Pretty Woman!!

ACT 3 : Ryuichi's Paradise!

ACT 4 : Book of the Past

ACT 5 : On a Night filled with Stars

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