Act 3: Ryuichi's Paradise!

"Ahh his gone… " Hakuei laid back on the sofa. "By the way who is he??"

"His the mafia leader, Yatori, Ms Hooker…." Lareine replied, sipping a cup of hot milk before going to bed. "And who are you?? "

"Woahh… a mafia leader.. hmm my taste is not bad after all =p" Hakuei laughed to himself. "Me… my name is Hakuei…and yours, Ms Woman…you look like that man's kept woman =p "

"Kamijo. And yes I am his mistresses." Kamijo replied proudly. "Hey…when I saw you for the first time, I thought you are some hooker… "

"Well I am a high class hooker =p " Hakuei replied with equal proudness. And you know what,.."

"What?" Kamijo asked with some curiosity.

"You do look like Snow White's stepmother…" Hakuei laughed.


"And if you don't put that disgusting make-up you might look like snow white. And I being your step-mother is going to bed now… sleep in the sofa tonight my little stepdaughter heehee .."

"Nahh… wait I report to dad that you bullied me….. " Hakuei wailed. "I wanna sleep on the bed."

"That don't help. Try the toilet or bathtub, it's comfortable in there too…" Kamijo chuckled.

"Hey.. don't go and sleep, find a place for me first.." Hakuei pulled Kamijo's silk sleeves. Hakuei was busy flipping through the phonebook. "Do you know of a place called "Sugizo's Sanctuary " ?"

"I don't know. But I often go to a place called "Ryuichi's Paradise". Does that help?? "

"I don't know who Ryuichi is, so I think that doesn't."

"Hmm Ryuichi and Sugizo, sounds like a good couple name." Kamijo jest.

"Well, I hope Sugi will wait for me."

"How does Sugi looks like?? " Kamijo asked casually.

"Hmm there, here is a young pic. of him." Hakuei showed Kamijo a young Sugizo's photograph.

"Hey… I saw this guy at Ryuichi's Paradise!!!"

"WAAHHTT you really see him before!! Where?? Bring me to that place now!!"

"But no need to be too happy, it seems that he is the happy co-owner of Ryuichi's paradise. There are rumours that he is staying with Ryuichi. A notorious law breaker!"

"Ohhh is it.. " Hakuei's happy mood went down. "But we can go there now and see!!! I really hope to see him!!"

"I'm afraid you might cry later on, my dear stepdaughter…. " Kamijo advised, actually he wanted to go and sleep.

"Nah… I wanna go and find him. You must accompany me, stepmother!!!" Hakuei insisted, dragging Kamijo to the door. And so Kamijo had no choice.

One hour later, they were at the entrance of Ryuichi Paradise.

"Are you sure the guy you see is Sugi?? " Hakuei asked. He was still in the short tight skirt. (think of what Julia Roberts wear in that Pretty Woman poster =p weee wee)

"Yeh, one can't easily forget a face like his…. " Kamijo was still wearing make-up and his curly blonde hair was let down. The two "Pretty women" were waiting at the queue to enter the club.

Just then, a savvy black jaguar stop by. A man got out of the car. He was none other than the law breaker Ryuichi. He was notorious for breaking so many laws except for smoking. He was afraid of the smoke….. =p

Seeing such rare beauties, he offered to let them into the club without lining up and free! They happily took up the offer and when inside, the disco light somehow made them more appealing and they were approached by many guys…. Kamijo liked the attention and began flirting around while Hakuei was busy scanning the area for his Sugi.


But after searching, Hakuei was disappointed and want to give up when he saw Ryuichi pass by. "Hihi … " he waved to Ryuichi. "Do you know where Sugizo is??"

"You're are looking for Sugizo.." Ryuichi thought for a while, then continued, "Well, I can tell you but in exchange, you must help me date your friend out. "

"Haha you wanna date Kamijo out!!! " Hakuei can’t help but laugh aloud… Kamijo heard his laughter and went over to see what's happening. When he knew what was happening, he was a little hesitant about the deal as he doesn't like the notorious Ryuichi. And also what if Yatori finds out… he didn't want to go heaven so early…

They were thinking of what to do when luck seems to be on their side. Who else but Sugizo walks through the door towards Ryuichi. Hakuei was much too happy to see Sugizo! He runs forward to greet Suzigo with a big hug and a deep lipstick mark on Sugi's cheek. Sugizo was happy to see him and return Hakuei's embrace with equal affection. But .. aiiyyhh, now that his with that law breaker Ryuichi, how would he dare to let Hakuei be with him, Ryuichi will surely break his neck!! Sigh… what a sad reunion for him and Hakuei. A love that came too late ^^;;

Luckily Ryuichi was facing the opposite and didn't witness the scene. As Kamijo had always seen Ryuichi and Sugizo together, he guessed their relation and knowing that stupid Hakuei can't control his emotion, he tried to help by pretending to be interested in Ryuichi. Ryuichi was pleased and much engrossed at gazing at Kamijo that he didn't know what happen with Sugizo and Hakuei just now.

But soon he turned around and see Sugizo. Hakuei was standing beside him but not as intimate as just now. Phew~! Both Kamijo and Sugizo thought… Then Ryuichi went to Sugizo and kiss him on the cheek. Kamijo finally got the chance to escape. Swiftly, he pulled Hakuei and brisk walk out of the club. Hakuei was so happy that he finally see Suzigo that he didn't catch what was happening. Both of them caught a cab and were on their way back to Kamijo's apartment.

Meanwhile, Ryuichi was searching for the disappearing Kamijo. Suzigo was alone in the VIP room thinking of his long lost love and wondering the possibility of them being together again, that is if he can get out of Ryuichi's clutch!


End of Act 3
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