Baiser - The Interview

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Ok.. in this interview section, you'll find many things about them... what's their most important things, their habits, and almost everything you're curious about Baiser ^^

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What's your height, weight, shoe size?
Yukari : ~ 168cm, 49kg, 24.5cm
Mizuki : 174cm, 62kg, 27.5cm
Rei : 172cm, 47kg, 25cm
?? 174cm, 52-55kg, 25-26cm
Katsura : 159cm, 44kg, 24.5cm

What food you like, what food keep away from?
Yukari : Pudding. Raw veggies (heaps of them in mud)
Katsura : Pork Cutlet

What's your best sports?
Yukari : (*snoopy*: There isn't any best sports his best at.)
Katsura : Snow Ball?

Is there any fun thing?
Yukari : Controller
Katsura : There isn't

3 words to describe yourself
Yukari: I'm as it is, plain, a blockhead (@@)
Mizuki : moody, a loose person, easy-going
Rei : I'm myself, my pace, obstinacy
Shaisuke : Erotic, lecher, idiot
(*snoopy* : okay.. finally he admits that himself huh =p)
Katsura : an innocent/pure person...

Teaser : Looks like someone of Baiser huh?? =p

Yukariii !!! that mouse!!!
(my guess =p)
*snoopy* : but that doesn't impress me much lah =p

What's your treasures? List 3.
Yukari : Myself and Baiser and all fans
Mizuki : Baiser, all fans, Human Relationships
Rei : Love, Courage, hope
Shaisuke : Baiser's members, lecherous books, Friends
Katsura : Parents, Dreams, Love

What's your favourite speech?
Yukari : No teachings to tuck...
Mizuki : Freedom, Happy, angry, sad, amuse
Rei : My pace
Shaisuke : Love, faithfulness, falsehood, GOMEN NASAI
Katsura : A drop of wine is a drop of blood

Do you have any former habits?
Yukari : Piano, Tea ceremony
Mizuki : Oil painting, Caligraphy, Sega
Rei : Going into School of La-Salle
Shaisuke : Kendo, Shaolin Kongfu (*snoopy* : oo-ohh I better dun make fun of him =p)
Katsura : Sega

When you're a student, what's your favourite and most disliked subjects?
Yukari : Disliked everything!
Mizuki : Favorite: Art, Dislike : Music
Rei : Favorite: Sports, Dislike : Mathematics
Shaisuke : Favorite: Modern World, Dislike : Chemistry
Katsura : Hate everything but is good at sports naturally.

What do you want most now?
Yukari : Word
Mizuki : Ability
Rei : Pet
Shaisuke : Prelude car, A&G or chrome's wallet chain
Katsura : Love

Favourite female artistes?
Yukari : Dunno.
Mizuki : Miho Nakayama
Rei : Miho Nakayama
Shaisuke : Namie Amuro, Akiwa Nanase
Katsura : Yuki Uchida

The first time you see a girl, what do you see first?
Yukari : Eyes
Mizuki : Heart (Of course face and look plus conversation)
Rei : Face
Shaisuke : Leg, face, fashion, hairstyle etc..
Katsura : Middle body..

*snoopy* : okay lah for Baiser's interview I end it off here lah.. coz I can hear YUKI SCCRREEAmminngg at the background.. wanna hear Yuki(Rapheal's vocalist) scream?? (*snoopy* puts the mic near Yuki's mouth..... bloomm!!... the mic explode due to overly high amplitude... *gomen... *snoopy* ran off to get another new mic... )

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