Konnichiwa! This is the wallpaper section, come and chose a wallpaper for your desktop ^^
The wallpapers are at 800x600 resolutions

^ Dir~en~grey ^ by *snoopy*
^ Malice Mizer ^ by *snoopy*
^ Gackt ^ by *snoopy*
^ Hide ^ by *snoopy*
^Toshiya^ by Crest
^Gackt and Mana^ by Crest
^Kamijo^ by *snoopy*
^ Gackt ^ by *snoopy*
^ Dir en grey^ by Crest
^Baiser^ by *snoopy*
^Dir En Grey^ by *snoopy*
^Blue - Arihito^ by *snoopy*
^Kyo^ by *snoopy*
^Glay^ by *snoopy*
^DEG^ by *snoopy*
^Makato^ by *snoopy*
^Makato^ by *snoopy*
^Gackt^ by *snoopy*
^Malice Mizer^ by *snoopy*
^Yoshiki^ by *snoopy*
^Machi^ by *snoopy*
^Makato^ by *snoopy*
^Dir en Grey^ by *snoopy*
^Toshiya^ by *snoopy*

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