On the 23 Dec 2000, adventurous Snoopy and Shizu embarked on a jrock-centered trip to Tokyo. Thanks for many who help us along the way, we somehow managed to pass 2 enjoyable weeks in Tokyo. . And here we are back in our own country and typing our journey .... hope you enjoy reading. ^^


Daily journals

Live reports

23 Dec 00 : Mirai Kuno deai La Matinee (Aliene Ma'riage with special guest Noir Fleurir)

24 Dec 00 : Due le quartz fanclub event vol 3 (Christmas Special)

30 Dec 00 : Rakuen Part 6
(Crayfish, GIROCHIN (guillotine), Mars, Laissez-Faire, 4D-VIABLE, Fatima, Rougir La Neige)

31 Dec 00 : Shockwave All night Live at Yokohama Bay Hall
( Part 1-JILS, S, OZWORLD, Dear Loving, Syndrome, Misan BAND, Laissez Faire, FAIRY FORE ) / Part 2 - MUCC, JAKURA, Kagerou, Inugami Circusdan, Phobia, VELVET EDEN, Kagrra, UILUS, trans:bound, JZEIL, LANDSCAPE, 4D VIABLE )

02 Jan 01 .: Penicillin New year special Live

04 Jan 01 .: STONING!!
(Duel Jewel, SHULA, LOUISE, TO DESTINATION, hide and seek, Diane, Limelight, Fatal Current,Clench Fist)

Note: We had a lot of fun during the Tokyo trip and are too excited to talk about it. If you find the stuffs written sounding braggy etc, we apologise in advance. This is not our intention but we're rather happy and write whatever we feel. Hope you enjoy reading them and thanks for dropping by ^^

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