Hi everyone, welcome to JRoCk AReNa.com's special sale. In this section, you can find rare cds and other items for sale.
But, they will be displayed here for a limited only, meaning once you miss, that's it.
So if you spot anything you like, send an email to snoopy@cyberway.com.sg telling me either the item code or title and artist.
Freebies will be given with each purchase. If you have questions about the items/featured artistes, you can send an email to ask.

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To mark off the start of this sales event, here is a selection of jrock videos and demo tapes, and some special box sets.

* All items featured here are in new/brand new condition unless otherwise stated. As one who chases after jrock indies stuffs will know, they are rare/impossible to get now and therefore valuable, so I won't be repeating this all the time =p

Code Type Artistes/Title Price (USD)
A030 Video/CD/Single Box Set Machine / Ultra Box
A set of 4 Limited Edition cards free
A031 Video/Single Box Set Malice Mizer / Bel Air
This is a very beautiful Malice Mizer Collection you cannot simply miss ^^
A032 Video Due Le Quartz / Milk -Pirate version-
This is an ORIGINAL Due le Quartz (limited edition -for sale- version) video.
A033 Video Missalina Rei / Minerva
Free Missalina Rei postcard [ps: if you are thinking of getting the 2 Missalina Rei albums at the same time, I can give you a special price ^^)
A034 Video Lamiel / Genkaiki
Free Lamiel photos. [ps: if you are planning on getting the whole set of lamiel items, including cds and singles, I can give a special price for this one!]
A035 Video Zephyr / Kaze no ?? niu ??
This is a special -not for sale- video that was given on a special day. [If you would like to buy the related single, just add $15]
A036 Video/demo Lamiel / Kuro
This is a special lamiel video and demo tape set.
A037 Video Jakura / Kurenai Hasu no Hana
Jakura's 1st VT. Free, a very beautiful signed postcard.
A038 Video Lareine / Fiancailles
Comes with a free member card.
A039 Video Hakuei / Visualization of Angel Trip
This is Hakuei's first video. ^^ Well, it's cool ^^
A040 Demo Virtue / 2-set special
There are 2 demo tapes I'm selling together. One is Gatsu no ?? and the other is Tenshi no ?? (the packaging is very nice, it comes with feather etc and one is red the other black)
A041 Demo Schall Schall-en / 2-set special
The vocalist of the band resembles Hyde and is as talented as Hyde. He writes thesongs. This is their first 2 demos, namely Fly High and BOENMU There are 2 demo tapes selling together. Item also comes in nice plastic packaging.
A042 Message Tape Various including Missalina Rei, Cali-gari, Due Le Quartz, Kagrra, Jils, De-Arc, Wyse, S, La'mule, Jakura, Merry Go Round, Media Trance Peach... by yenbanya for 2000.
There are a total of 2 tapes.
A043 Message Tape El-Dorado Message Tape (has a nice cover) $20
A044 Message Tape Phobia Message Tape (has a nice cover) $20
A045 Demo Takui / 20's Calborn
This is Takui's first demo tape (contains 10 songs!) Many places are selling it for nothing less than $50...
A046 Demo Due Le quartz / Ame to Muchi O
300 Limited edition
A047 Demo Due le quartz / Rob Song
I dunno it's limited to how many, not many I know.
A048 Demo Kagerou / Biyou Seikei Ishi No Shumi
Kagerou's first demo.. interesting song.
A049 Demo Jakura / [first demo tape, long and difficult title]
This is Jakura's first demo tape. Comes with postcard.
A050 Demo Zephyr / Plumeless Eyes
The band's first demo tape. Nice songs!
A051 Photobook / cd Aliene Ma'riage / Les Soirée -kanketsuhen- - photobook + CD
The Hardcover photobook contains ~100 pages, all in full colours and it contains a special cd with 18 mins of songs.
A052 Video box set Aliene Ma'riage / Les Soirée yoru no butoukai video
This is a limited to fan clubs special video box set. It's in a exclusive cover book. Very special is one word ^^ A poster will be given.

** Prices stated does not include postage

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