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Dir En Grey - KR-Cube PV

The Tragedy Couple

This is an interesting PV ^^
The scene begins showing Kyo and his people all dead! The killers? Look at the third fellow with the gun.. So the story begins with the disco place and Kyo was squashing his last smoke. Die marched into the disco showing his gun on and off. Kaoru was carrying on his bartending job as usual. And lots of people were dancing and in extasy. Kyo and his gang people were sitting at a corner enjoying themselves, he was toying with a slave. So the next killer to enter the scene is Shinya, he walked towards Kaoru. Over the other corner, Toshiya was busy serving a drunkard. Kyo watches over and became interested in Toshiya...=p Then Kaoru passes Shinya a drink where a secret note acts as a coaster. Shinya took the note and went to the toilet to finish off one of the guys. Meanwhile Toshiya has switch his object of interest over to Kyo and they were playing with each other. Kaoru had already transformed himself into a killer (2nd pic). Die feels that he had waited enough and together with Kaoru, they went to the corner where Kyo and Toshiya were. Die took out his weapon and began shooting fearlessly. Kaoru helped him finish off some of the gang members. Kyo sat there, too shock to react and let Die put the bullet through his head ------------- bang --- and kyo and his gang were history, together with the innocent Toshiya.... (I think the director forgot to ask Kaoru to help Toshiya out ^^") haha -- just kidding =p
Note that in between the scenes that leads you to the story, it keeps repeating the ending part, so dun get confuse. ^^
Malice Mizer - bara no seidou album
Hmm this album seems to be make just especially for the cemetery ambience... it seems like they are moving towards this type of songs. For me, I think the whole album is boring coz every song seems almost the same. The difference is that they have new vocals (actually from their previous single there is already a vocal). By the way the vocals do sound old to me ^^" I think the best song in the album is still saikai no chi to bara (The reunion of blood and rose)

Comment : Miss it if you're not a Malice Mizer or cemetery song fan
Plastic Tree - Parade album
Their new album Parade is finally out ^^. There are twelve songs in this album and about 5 songs are remakes of their singles... this is a very nice album ^^.. hmm my personal favourites are suimin yaku, sink ver 2, toremolo, verandah ver 1...
Yoshiki - Yoshiki's website

Have you visited his new website, go to www.yoshiki.net if you're not a member. If you're a member, go to www.yoshiki.com. This website reminds me of Davidbowie net as both offer paying contents etc... but I think Yoshiki's one cost around us$180 per year. The first 10000 members will get a cd-rom special for online use, a limited 10000 copies of Yoshiki.net premium plate, VioletUk's new song score, Yoshiki's autograph insert, Yoshiki.net premium mousepad. One bad point is it's written in Japanese only ne .. ^^" If you're curious about what's in the members area it contains 4 sections , first part is the special which has
Art Meseum - contains technology art, presented in meseum of web art
VioletUK - Yoshiki's leading artistes, about their activities, reports etc
PHOTO - Yoshiki and Roland Toushima Ugi?, a budding photographer. Precious pictures, wallpaper and screen saver downloads
History - Yoshiki's activites, album releases, live projects, and his personal comments
CD-ROM MAGAZINE - Released once every two months, Yoshiki.net's official cd-rom magazine.
Then there's a community section
Official Bulletin Board System Manager - A Yoshiki Character for enquires
Webmail - You'll get a web address with name@yoshiki.net
Next section is Studio
Studio live - The workings of the equipments in Yoshiki's studio.
And the last section is Music/Video
Music - Yoshiki's music, image, and the streaming audio
Video - CM King videos

So glad he resurface again ^^ I like his new works, esp the song "Without you". It's a touching song which I guess he had written out of his feelings for the late Hide? Will upload if I remember ^^' The songs he wrote for VioletUK are also nice... I think VioletUK are chosen from a group of models, all are tall, skinny and pretty.. can they sing?? Ok I think... singing is not a problem, it's the technology that changes the sound.. dun understand? Nevermind ... ^^

He built 3 studios in LA, each serving a different purpose. I think Yoshiki is shy and modest and hee sometimes I think his actions/expressions are funny ^-^ ~giggles
Ohh btw do you know that Yoshiki is also a proud owner of Sony's Aibo...He plays with it whenever he feels bored in the studio.. but I think the dog follows him home too ^-^
Cool cool ^^ That dog really is cute ^^ I owned a mini-one too.. of course that's child's play ^^"
Till then.... au revoir ^-^

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