Review Date : 25 Nov 2000
Artist : SMAP
Album Title : 014
Catalogue number : VICL-60667
Release : 14 Oct 2000
Price : 3059yen

Recommendation :
A nice album from SMAP ^^
Intro : SMAP fans must have waited a millennium for their new album, and I'm sure they'll not be disappointed. Overall this is one of their best album to date ^^

The album : To begin with, it contains their latest hit single, Lion Heart, which is a very nice song. Let it be, the theme song for SMAPxSMAP is also in there. But one of my favourites is Shiosai. Shiosai is a slow melodic song and rather sentimental.. well reminiscence might be a better word ^^ Sang by Takuya Kimura, it was said that he picked this song out of 30 over songs because he likes it very much and is rather proud of it. I like this song most... after Lion Heart (single ver.)

Recommended tracks : Lion Heart, Shiosai, Last seen

Review Date : 31 Aug 2000
Artist : L'arc en ciel
Album Title : REAL
Catalogue number : KSC2-333
Release : 30 Aug 2000
Price : 3059yen

Recommendation :
Listen and you'll like it ^^
Intro : Wonder if they love summer very much coz it was last summer when they released 2 albums at one go... This album sings of summer time.. maybe you could hit the beach blasting their songs?? -just joking- It's the usual l'arc en ciel style and you can let the cd spin without skipping etc.

If you wanna compare Real with their previous albums, I would say l'arc has advanced to another level, with hits like neo universe and stay away, it transports you out of Ray/Ark and into the neo universe.. I like this album ^^
The album : For the single songs that are in the album, there isn't any difference from those in the singles. So it comes down to 7 new songs.

Let's start with the first song, get out from the shell -asian verson- (8/10)
As many might have known, this was the song used in the Toyota commercial. It is in english. It starts out slow and hee if you've listened to Hyde singing in english before... his voice is very low... grrr.... and when it hits the middle... there you go "Get rid of your motions....... " and you can dance to the tune after that =p

2. THE NEPENTHES (7.5/10)
This song sounds like a typical english rock song to me... maybe the way the instruments are played... There seems to be a female vocal along the way... And again Hyde's voice is low in this song, maybe there are a number of english sentences...

3. NEO UNIVERSE (9.5/10)
Ohh I like this futuristic song ^^ Ahh the new universe --

4. bravery (8.5/10)
This song sounds nostalgic to me. Maybe a near ringer will be Pieces.. I think I will like it if I listen to it more.. ^^

5. LOVE FILES (8/10)
Yes, it's the same song as the singles.

6. finale (7.5/10)
I always confuse this pv with the love files one... maybe I never listen to them often..

7. Stay Away (9/10)
Yeah here comes the Beatles... no it's l'arc en ciel.. haha one comment is that the pv is very interesting... for the first time, I saw Hyde and the gang do break dance ^-^' I think the lyric is nice too ^^

8. ROUTE 666 (7.5/10)
Hmm a marching song? Hyde's voice sounds really different, like a street gangster-bakero yo!- haha no lah it's still a nice song ^^

9. TIME SLIP (9/10)
Ohh another nostalgic song... cool I like the intro music style... and I think I like this song alot now ^^

10. a silent letter (7.5/10)
The longest song in the album... it's a slow and draggy song.. but looking at the lyrics, it's kinda sad.. ^^"

Not bad.... but I think the last 2 songs are kinda suitable to put at where they are.. the last 2 positions...

To sum it up, this cd is gonna be in my playing list for a while at least ^^ Ok as the time slips by, till then.... -_-
Recommended tracks : Neo Universe, love files, Stay Away, Time Slip

Review Date : 28 Oct 1999
Artist : Glay
Album Title : Heavy Gauge
Catalogue number : PCCU-1
Release : 20 Oct 1999
Price : 3059yen

Recommendation :
Get this album! You won't fall asleep listening to it =)
Intro : If people reading still don't know who Glay is, they're the ones who brought us hits like Beloved, Yuuwaru etc… I like However and Winter Again ^^
The album : The album, as the title suggests, is full of heavy metal music… All 12 songs in the album are full of energy and has the approaching millennium feel. Compared with their previous albums, it's an entirely different approach and a great improvement too!
Recommended tracks : Heavy Gauge, Survival, Kokodewahanai Dokohanai (this version is nice), Summer FM, Winter Again and Ikigai

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