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Index 061
Artistes : Luna Sea!!, DEG, L'arc en ciel(Yukihiro remixes), Pierrot, Plastic Tree, Siam Shade etc... songs include, DEG- [KR] cube, Pierrot-Agitator, Yellow Monkey-Pearl etc....

Special : Comes with a cd,
Index 62
Front cover: Janne Da Arc, Back cover: Aucifer
Other Artistes include : Fanatic Crisis, La'cryma, Penicillin, Sophia, Malice mizer, Plastic Tree, Pierrot, Zigzo, Blue, Aliene Ma'raige, Raphael, Pierrot
Index 64
Tons of interesting stuffs again ^^ Comaprsion of Utada and Kuraki, luna sea and larc cards, various postcards, glay etc....
Index 67
Covers lots of stars, from Ayumi to DEG....
Special : Contains 2 cds. One is a History of Extasy Digest version and the other contains song samples (100 songs) and interviews -- Total 77 minutes
Index 71
Front and back covers of Luna Sea
Luna sea special (wow nice pictures ^^), Gackt, Plastic Tree, La'cryma, Kozi (Malice Mizer), Pierrot (Kohtae)
Special : Double-sided Luna sea Pin up
Index 72
Band score of many bands... Larc special.. ahh 412 songs... ^^

Index 74
Cards of Larc, Member's legend, Glay + mini booklet of Glay's Hakodate Guidebook (interesting ^^), Shiina Ringo, Postcards

Index 75
Glay, l'arc en ciel, 19, Aucifer, Sophia, Gackt, Pierrot, Blue-B etc
Special : Huge poster of Glay
Index 80
Pierrot | Janne Da Arc | Plastic Tree | ZIGZO | S | E.Mu |Tribute to Kazuki(Raphael)
Aliene Ma'riage | MALICE MIZER | PENICILLIN | Psycho le Cemu | Dear Loving
Due le quartz | pleur | Syndrome | Lucifer Luscious etc...

Very pretty pics of Pierrot.... and the rest are nice nice too ^^

Index 81
Main stars
Gackt | Raphael | PIERROT | SOPHIA | BLue-B | CASCADE | ROUAGE | LAREINE | Zipang
Aliene Ma'riage(Mast) | Plastic Tree | LAID | S etc...

Ohh another cool issue!

Index 82
DOGGY BAG | TAKUI | Taizo | E.mu | Janne Da Arc etc
Special : Comes with a huge poster ^^
Index 88
Description : Soon
Index 89
Description : Soon
Index 90
Description : Soon
Index 91
Description : Soon
Special : Huge Poster

Index 92
Description : Soon
Special :

Index 93
Description : Soon

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