Milestones & Links

Hehe though JRoCk AReNa is only a few months old, I'm very happy over it's achievement ^^

JRoCk AReNa's milestones

Late Nov 1999 - JRoCk AReNa commences
Late Dec 1999 - JRoCk AReNa counter hits 8000! *snoopy* Yippees
Early Jan 2000 - JRoCk AReNa has been selected to be the "site of the month" by JRock Ring,
the largest ring in the net-JRock community
*snoopy* cheers Yeah!! - Thanks to Cu-copper and also please check to see the current site of the month for other exciting sites ^^
Early Feb 2000 - JRoCk AReNa counter hits 12000! *snoopy* Yippees
Late Jun 2000 - JRoCk AReNa gets 30 000 hits... well hee I'm very happy ^^

Hope you enjoy visiting this site and thank you very much ^^ and here are some links to other worlds ^^

*Um hmm meanwhile I'm compiling some links, please let me know if you wanna be linked here ^^
Just email me with your site's URL, banner, and descriptions ^^

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Info : To Link to JRoCK AReNa International Radio Station~ Free link only for MAIN page ~

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