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Hee... I am a 100% Lareine believer now ^^ (or rather a Kamijo crazy martian now =p) ouuu..I just can't help but I really really like his new bishonen look in Fuyu Tokyo ^_^= (the first time I saw it, I nearly fainted ^~) Dun you think he looks like a modern day fairytale prince ^^

Come to think of it, I like all their looks in Fuyu tokyo too! Emiru has also changed, his hair went through some frenzy wind chase =p And also maybe it's their clothes, they wore suits, so cool and stylish ^^

Currently, I have some piccys and basic infos up... hee dun cramp you with too much ^_^
I'll add more on the intro part real soon.. now I feel tired and wanna sleep already =p

Birthdate : Jul 19 (hee same day(not month^^") as mine!)
Blood type : O ( happy same as me ^^ )
Birthdate : May 25
Blood type : A

Birthdate : Apr 7
Blood type : A

Birthdate : Aug 3
Blood type : AB

Lareine was formed in Nov 94


Sep 97 : Blue Romance (Album)
Apr 98 : Fleur (Maxi-single)
Oct 98 : Lillie Charotte
Dec 98: Metamorphose

May 99: fiancailles(single)
first press comes with video-romance revolution
Aug 99: Billet (single)
Aug 99:Chantons L'amour
(live video)
Dec 99 : Fuyu Tokyo

Coming soon !!
1st Album
Video clip collection

Introduction - update soon

Their music are very poetic ^^ Here's a translation of their single - Fuyu Tokyo (Winter Tokyo)
pp: I guess Fuyu Tokyo is about a character Lillie Charlotte, most of their songs seems to be evolve around lille charlotte

Like a flower blooming in the Winter of Tokyo

The powdery snow and your tears

Who are you thinking of?

Embracing the completely chilled body

Something that's frozen till hurt

Holding (you) closely/tightly

To 'free' and comfort you

My love will now disperse them

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