For a start... hee L'arc en ciel means Rainbow in French ^^ Well I presumed that most of you who come to this page are already quite familar with the band who I dun have to introduce much. If there's some history of L'arc you must know, look at the hystory section...

Music Style
In my opinion, L'arc has a number of music styles from the early first single, Flood of Tears and first album Dune in 1993, they sounded dark and satanic(dun ask me why coz I was looking at the dune album and the songs in it sound this way ^^") most of the songs. Later in the next album Tierra, they tried other styles. I strongly recommend Wind of Gold and Blurry Eyes. The next few albums could be said to contain some of my favourite songs including C'est La Vie, Flower, Fate, Milky Way, Anata, Loreley. If you wanna hear some of their songs, please visit the mp3 audio section ^^

As they become more popular, their music sounded more towards pop-rock. The first album of L'arc en ciel I bought was Heart and it was one of the earlier jrock albums which I bought. I was impressed with the band! ^^ I could play the cd a few times in a row and it sounds soothing.

Recommended Songs : Flood of Tears, Blurry Eyes, Wind of Gold, Brillant years, C'est La Vie, Anata no tame ni, I'm so happy, Flower, the Fourth Avenue Cafe, Lie's & truth, Niji, Loreley, Winter Fall, fate, Anata, Milky Way, Metropolis, Dive into Blue, Shinshoku~lose control, Honey, Kasou, Snow Drop, Heaven's Drive, Pieces, the silver shining, Driver's high, Love files, finale, Neo Universe

Band history
okok.. let me see,.. let's start somewhere long ago in ancient Japan... haha nah.. ok Ken(guitar) and Tetsu(bass) (previous band Bystonwell). Hyde(Vocal) and Pero(drum) are from Jelsarem's Rod (you'll noticed that hyde's very Jelsarem-looking during that time, i.e the long white nightgown??..) and there's Hiro(guitar) from De-velguer. Together they form L'arc~en~ciel in 1990. But Ken was not directly involved at that time. Later in June of 92, Hiro went to join Ange
Graie. The band members starts to shift around. Ken joined in as guitarist. Pero went to play the drums. Tetsu prefers to stick with his bass and Hyde continues to lalala. All this goes well till Dec, when Pero's heart flys towards the band Hiro went to. Then Sakura from the HAREM@ drums in to become the drummer. but he didn't stay for long and left in Jan 96. Yukihiro from Dies in Cries then bounces in to hit the drums. The members remains till present moment.

Just showing you how Pero looks like...

About the members
You wanna know more about the members dun you?? ^^ erm as I have to check up my books and mags for exact infomation, I'll translate and edit them later. Remind me if you're too eagar for the the member's information ^^.

Yeah star of L'arc en ciel was young once ne... =p
Keep that smile on Tetsu!!!
hmm..... you guess that's Yukihiro right??

I like almost all of L'arc's songs! and I think they're a terrific band ^^ Hyde, despite his cute boyish look, I think he has a great voice!! Hehe maybe a minus point is his a bit short for a guy (~1.58m) ^^"

And the picture of the month for Larc en ciel is ...

Ain't Tetsu pretty here?? =p Who's your favourite member?? Moi's favourite? It's obvious!
oops.. did I forget any member?? no I didn't..Yukihiro's in here.

( My favourite members : Did you make the right guess? It's Hyde and Tetsu!! ^^)

pp: hmm previously I guess I've keyed in wrong data.. there've always been 4 members in L'arc en ciel only =p Thanks Jerrie for reminding me =). And some more errors on the page but was reminded by Miss Fufuru. Hmm actually I think many fans are quite familar with them already so I dun know what you wish to see in this L'arc section. Do tell me if you have suggestions. Or maybe you want to know what Larc is singing?? I can translate the lyrics if you want ^^

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