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OKONO-MIYABIIIII ^^ This term is use to express something delicious. Well, it started when we were in Japan, after watching Due le quartz and going a little crazy, with okonomiyaki -_-"

Fan Art - Latest Work!
Hee don't ask me who is it, I dun know either =p
Ooh.. I'm not a Hide crazy fan but after watching the documentaries and carefully listening to some of his solo works.. I think his one cool jrocker ^^
Yoshiki-sama turned 35 this year... wow.. ~_~
Tetsu!! ...... erm somehow I dunno to call it tetsu or gackt... ^^" but I think it looks more like tetsu... =p I like the nose ..
Hehe... Mitsuru!! Daisuki?? hee so you realise that the eyes are purple in color?? =p
presenting Rei.. this is another of my self-created characters.. hmm will put him in my fanfic.. you like the drawing?? I hope so coz I like it ^-^ U think Rei is cold as ice?? well hee notice the backgnd of fire on ice =) cool rite =p
Hmm another Hyde... well just in the mood to draw Hyde ^^
This time is Haido-chan.... sighh.. ever wonder how he manage to look so youthful?? beauty secrets?? nah.. I dun think he has any also... looks like a Lux advertisement here hor?? =p
..Mana!!! ... ohh have you spotted Mana's short hair =p hehe I was thinking of what image will be cool for him =p hmm here he looks more manly, not like usually a "she".. yah I used to get the habit to call Mana "she" =p
Ok.. no time to do those realistic pic.. hope you like this one ^^ I think Toshiya looks cool in that short hair and wearing ?? (looks like those sleeping robe to me ^^)
Hakuei!! ^^ Nice features ^^
Well.. erm hmm I spent alot of time on this Gackt and the Hakuei painting above.. well at first I was not quite ?? to put them up but anyway, they're up.. hope you like them ^^

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