26 Sep 2000

Vivian and Sugizo

Guess you all have heard about it....this happened a while back.. there were many reports about them, I think this nothing more than a gimmick so I can't be bother to chase all the news. Vivian's group, Black Biscuits has stop all work since 21 Apr and she's carrying on her own.. Her latest chinese album is out but as usual I found her solo work boring... everytime I buy her solo albums, I regret, dun mistake me, I used to like her and I think she's pretty but just that I can't tune my ears to listen to those songs @@ I find it no tune and boring...

I will put up the mp3 of her latest songs which are collaboration work with Sugizo soon, but meanwhile here's a translated info about them..

known each other at the red-white festival, love blossoms during recording...
Vivian revealed shyly yesterday that she and luna sea's guitarist sugizo are in love,both of them not only colaborate 3 songs in the new album [false angel], they also took part in the mtv [she he], like a log of their love story.. she said last year when she first saw sugizo are red-white, her first thought was "hmm this kind of people will have girlfriend?" only to find out that she became his girlfriend..
her family doesn't know about it...
on this year's mar 19, he presented her a guitar and rose for her 25th birthday (snoopy thinks she tried to hide her age, most of her bios in taiwan reports says she's 28++, I do think so coz she was in a I think little cats or some band around 10 years ago, that time she's already 19 ^^") then blah blah about their romance .....
strict teacher
the interesting thing is sugizo likes to be beautiful more than her, both exchange fashion views... sugizo is a strict teacher, first time he met her, he scolded her badly saying her diction is wrong etc.. (snoopy:yeah her japanese is kinda bad .. ^^") but she admires his music abiilty, and she repiles half jokingly that "love conquers all" //// (snoopy: "crazy girl, but for those who favoured ryuichi and sugizo etc... well this romance is nothing more than a gimmick ^^") okay just my view ^^"

The PV
Vivian was introducing about the video and a litle of themselves... she said both of them like the 60s music, dressing etc alot so for the music video, they dressed up in the sixties... hmm I think Sugizo was 'blind-folded' with a lace bend by vivian.. he was sitting on a chair strumming the guitar.... ohh and vivian mentioned that she only like sugizo's guitar play most.... Sugizo mentioned that although Vivian is tiny but she's strong and she tends to care for the people surrounding her more.

Shizuka and Yoshiki... Takuya??

Word has it that Shizuka is going back to Yoshiki...... but Takuya said that he and she are still in very good relationship and their relationship is not a gimmick.... (haha probably Takuya scared no face also ^^")

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