Ahh this group has 4 talented people ^^ and everyone of them is cool and confusing @@ .. well first if you're in Japan, they're that popular that you can find their stuffs all over ^^ and sometimes you might find their faces on stuffs which are not Glay?? and they also form another band using different names...... Well but overseas, they're well known as Glay.. so just remember.. GLAY ^^ Hai... GU REI desu ka ^^ 

Erm... more infos will be coming ^^ erm .. first.. let's see some of the cool instruments they used ^^


Hee.. guess whose electric guitars they belong to?? hmm there's 3 guitarist in Glay so.. easy right ^^

It's Hisashi!!! Have you guess it?? I think he has pretty good taste ^^ I like the one in translucent blue^^

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