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ahh it's been some time since I last rattered about life? well maybe what's my little mind wondering about @-@ ...

hmm for a while I was sightly overdosed with japanese songs.. well coz all the while I've been listening to Japanese songs after years of listening to English & Mandarin pop... Well if you're wondering why I suddenly switch to listen to japanese music, the best reason I can give is.. it's something new! Over here, the foreign languages I've learnt are French and Japanese. I do listen to French songs, dun know if you listened to music of Julien Clerc and Jean Jacques Goldbem. Hmm no they dun sing rock songs but it's nice sounding... but one of my favourite french songs is "Le Blus du businessman". Celine Dion sang this song before too. What I like are the lyrics but the song is also nice ^^.

Ok... let's get into something more towards jrock.. so, in the near future... what would the jrock scene be like?? get what I'm hinting?? =p yeh recently many fantastic bands are spliting.. maybe a band immediately comes to mind.. "Lareine"!! Well I guess tons of Lareine fans will be crying when their last concerts comes in August. Personally, Lareine is one of the few visual bands I'm really impressed with, or should I say.. I like the best.. they duplicate images of the early French renaissance period which I think they really look colorful enough to claim the visual rock crown. Kamijo and Machi can also project the beauty of grace and coldness which won them many fans... Their music rings of uniqueness, though I know of some people who can't accept them. And of course I wouldn't say that they're ruled out of bad points but since they're (or at least the current members) are going to be history, let's just talk about their good points ^^

What do I like about Lareine?? Ok, the first time I encountered this band is the "Fiancailles" single. If you can still recall, it's Kamijo on the cd cover. Kirei!? Isn't it? And what was my reaction when I first listened to the Fiancailles song... Weird! I like the intro but I find the vocalist's voice weird @@ But looking at the glossy magazine advertisments and their articles, it gets more interesting...Still I would say Lareine is a special band.. there's just an x-factor surrounding them. Each of them carries a unique flavour which'll attract different kind of people... For me, I like to see Kamijo.. dunno why but just like to see... my favourite image of Kamijo is the Fuyu Tokyo style. He has short hair and I think he really looks cool... I like to see guys with some feminine look.. however they should not be weak in character.. (aiee flipping through my tons of hongkong novels and manga collections... ok snoopy going to daydream again... =p) Maybe another reason Lareine is scoring high on my attention list is maybe I could find stuffs about Lareine I could relate to?? Say something like maybe their interest in French?

There are many reasons why people like something but I'm gonna stop here as it's getting to be draggy and it's time for you to ponder why you like some bands.. or maybe why you dislike them... Meanwhile let me proceed to listen to other bands/artistes which I like...... Gackt, Shena Ringo, DAI, Dir en grey, Glay, luna sea, L'arc en ciel,S, Kein, Lamiel..ok.. shall I talk about them next round =p

cya ^^

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