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Items below are available in both vcd and video ^^
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Gauze 62045

LAREINE Romance Revolution
Chantons L'armour
L'ARC EN CIEL Siesta ~ flim of dreams
heavenly Films
Reincarnation at Tokyo Dome 1997
1999 Grand Cross Conclusion
LUNA SEA Lunatic Tokyo
Capacity Infinity
PIERROT FILM ~ Rising a 'mad sky' live at Budoukan
RAPHAEL Live at Shibuya Koukaido (has interviews and music video - Eternal Wish)
Vision of Extremes II
GLAY DOME TOUR "pure soul" 1999 Live in Big Egg
MALICE MIZER Merveilles L'espace

Video History
Penicillin in Thailand

49th NHK Kouhaku Utagessen 1998 Speed, Da Pump, Tokio, Judy & Mary, ELT, L'arc en ciel, Max, Luna Sea, Globe, Glay, TMR, SMAP, Mornin Musume, Namie Amuro, Shizuka Kudo etc… (the older artistes are cut off ^^")
50th NHK Kouhaku Utagessen 1999 Speed, Da Pump, Tokio, L'arc en ciel, Max, Globe, Glay, 19, Suzuki Ami, SMAP, Mornin Musume, Namie Amuro etc… (the older artistes are cut off ^^")
Shockwave Illusion 99
(Rapheal, Lareine, Janne Da Arc, sex Machinegun, Gackt, Plastic Tree, Gackt)
Visual Trance - Live in Budoukan (25/9/99)
Pierrot, Eins Vier, Plastic Tree, Shazna, La'cryma Christi
Hold you Key
Missalina Rei, Aliene Ma'riage, NOiX, SpeediD, Neil, etc..
Pa Pa Pa Puffy Indies Special Vol 1 and Vol 2
(La'Mule, Brand New Mind, Celluloid, Sekimas, Penicilln, Baiser, etc…)

Music station (Guest stars : B'z, Feel, Shazna, Kinki Kids, Max, Tomomi kahala, Johnny Jr..)

Music station (Guest stars : Glay, Luna Sea, Takeshi Sorimachi, kinki kids, Tohko..)

Hey Hey Hey music champ (Luna Sea, Rina Chinen, Ayumi Hamasaki,

Tokyo Bay 1998 (Judy & Mary, Speed, Black Biscuit, Max, Tomomi Kahala,

Aikawa Nanase Radioactive

Aikawa Nanase Live Emotion (Concert Tour '97)

Namie Amuro Concentration 20

Namie Amuro First Anniversary Live at Marine House '96

Namie Amuro (Video Clips)

Globe : Globe Live "Love Again" 1998 at Yokohama stadium

V6 Flim clips and more I

V6 Flim clips and more II

Speed : Video Clips - Spirits

ELT : Video Clips - 8 Clips

Max : J-pop gig tour 1997

Smap : Live Amigos

Smap : SMAP 010 '96 SMAP Summer Staduim Concert & London Story

Smap : SMAP 97 'SU' Live

Takashi Sorimachi : Message - One hour live

Rie Tomosaka : Rie Tomosaka Vs Rie Sakatomo / concert

Ryoko Hirosue - Mystery Gift (MTVs from Arigato)

Puffy - Jet Vcd

Puffy - Karaoke vdos + CM special

Compilation VCD (Namie-I have never seen, ELT-Time goes by, Ayumi-You, etc etc by Avex)


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