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Hi! Welcome to this For Sale section^^. In this little corner, I have many items which usually after buying, I have no time to deal with it =p/ sometimes I have extras/ I like to buy and also sell =) (strange hobby euh??)... hehe anyway if you find something you want, contact me^^ The items listed here are new, so dun worry ^^ For magazines, click here.

Last update : 06.Jun.2000
Items marked Reserved means someone's buying it and once sold, will be removed from the list
*Plz note that for cds that comes with the jewel cases, I'll send it in a bubbled envelope to protect the casing.
This service is free ^^ (yes I know that most casings are special ^^)

Please visit this page at the moment!

*To purchase or inquiries, please send me an email with the items you have in mind
** Prices stated does not include postage

If you wanna know the postage, plz tell me which country you live in

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