Date : 23 Dec 2000
Time : Starts at 7:15pm and ends at around 9:15pm
Venue : Cyber (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

The curtains were drawn and we were in the third row, center position. Then, some techno music (aka pulp fiction style) was heard, the stage was kinda dimly lighted still.

As the curtains were drawn, the girls started screaming and we still dunno what was going on. Then out from the smoke, Snoopy sighted two figures. They were doing the 'fish-dance' (waving your hand as if you were swimming?), from one end of the stage to the other and the girls keep screaming. Shizu wondered why these two 'goodness know who they are' were prancing around the stage. Then suddenly one of the guys smiles and Snoopy suddenly realises "Vicious(the mag where Mast appeared)! That's Mast without make-up!". And so Snoopy kept asking Shizu (who is a big Aliene Majriage fan) to confirm but Shizu keep starring and starring and didn't realise it was Mast. By the way, Mast dance pretty well.. like a clubber haha =p

Finally we got the answer and the identity of the other guy whom we later find out was Hal from Speed-id. He was the support drummer.

Shizu was starring at this 'Chicken head'(Hisashi hair with Takuro face) and wondering who it was. Starring at him for a while, then she realised that it was Ray, with a new hairstyle!

Ray went to the left side of the stage with his bass while Mast got his guitar together and the drummer went over to the drummer seat.

Then they started playing to the tune of a. After a while, a thin willowy figure slowly catwalked onto the main stage, right in front of us (but we were 3 rows back ^^")

Snoopy goes "wee wee.. so cool... a PERFECT BISHONEN!!" He was really different from how he looked in magazines. Snoopy thinks he looks bad in the recent magazines(Jan Vicious) ^^" His hair was of chin length and was carrot-red tinted. It was "choou kakoii!!!' He lifted up his hands, open his eyes wide and started singing.
By this time, the girls in front were going nuts and keep shouting Kyouka.. Kyouka.. Kyouka....
Well he was KA.KO.II alright!! ^_ ~

Kyouka was wearing a white shirt with a long black tie marked with a 'poison' sign on it. He had on a black suit jacket which has open sleeves, and a pair of thin stripped pants. Ray was wearing a dark full suit with a yellow ocher shirt and tie. Mast was wearing a black t-shirt with some words on it, covered by a chocolate-colored jacket. He wore a scarf around his neck. He had this pair of cool black shoes with metal bar across each shoe.

Kyouka started to sing and all the girls, including Shizu tried very hard to touch him. But being a masterful person, he always had his hand just above the finger tips of everyone. Snoopy decided that it was easier just to stare at Kyouka's mesmerizing eyes... which were grayish blue?.. and try when there's chance.

(ps: For those of you who thought that Kyouka looks like mousedeer coz of the vicious pic (or maybe was it only us??). You are WRONG! He looks thin and was simply gorgeous. The current hairstyle in its carrot red tint suit him very well,,, and those mesmeric blue eyes, not to mention the way he carries himself... there's only one word to describe.. kakoii!)

Shizu kept trying and finally after 5 songs or so, Kyouka finally reach out his hands to his fans and Shizu manage to brush his finger tips.. hmm nice fingers.. and she went mad for a while. Some lucky sod got to touch his chin and the fingers got licked by Kyouka... uurrgg.. why her.. not .. Shizu complains... Snoopy was too busy with Mast and couldn't recall if the attempt to touch Kyouka was successful.. think so .. but for a moment(twice), Snoopy and Kyouka were starring at each other but Snoopy was embarrassed ( you know that kind of demeanor where you were starring at someone then suddenly the person turns to look at you) and turned to look at other place instead..

Much later, the first part of the show and close the curtains. Determined to get a better position to touch the band members, Snoopy and Shizu somehow managed to squeeze into the first row of the stage on the side where Mast was standing.

Then the 2nd part started with an MC section. Being the resident talkative man, Ray, yapped and yapped and yapped with Hal and Hal tried to get Mast to say something. But Mast kept refusing. Finally Ray said Merry Christmas to the audience. The drummer managed to get Mast to say Merry Christmas too. After saying that in a weird tone, Mast had gone back to his corner of the stage in a flash! But he was not alone for long.....

Ray suddenly introduces two new characters and we saw 2 reindeers bouncing happily on the stage. Of course again we didn't know who they were (well of course we know we were there to see Aliene Majriage and the special guest was Noir fluerir but we didn't expect that kind of look ^^") until the crowd started shouting their names.. 'Kengo'... 'Karen' ... can you imagine 'kengo' without make-up appearing in a reindeer suit? It's so strange. Anyway they continue to bounce around. Meanwhile, everyone tried to bully Mast. Then later, Shoushi walked in with full make-up and new costume which was similar to Malice Mizer's Yuku during the mervilles days.

When the MC was over, they started with Boku no Misha. Kengo didn't play the bass, Ray did. And as usual, Mast played the guitar.

During Boku no Misha, Shizu was trying to touch Karen and Mast. Snoopy was figuring out a strategy at this time.

After Boku no Misha, Teru walked out with plasters on his chin and forehead, he explained jokingly that it was Karen who punched him. After that they played 'Deathheads'. Shizu tried, she reached and she touched... Karen's guitar. Later Karen bent down his head so that his fans could touch his reindeer anteles. So Shizu made herself busy by ringing those bells on the anteles.

Then Karen and Mast swop places with Kengo. Ray took the centre stage and and put one leg on the amp. Seeing Ray's outstretched legs, Snoopy decides it was a good time to touch touch.. lots of other girls were going that actually.. While Snoopy was busy looking at Ray, Kengo had bent down his head in front of Shizu and being the itchy hands that she is, started to mess up Kengo's fringe. He got sick of it and he swop places back with Mast and Karen again,.... Leading to the biggest and yummist touch of the night..

So Mast was there lingering in front of Snoopy. When Snoopy decides that it was a good time to touch Mast, snoopy raises hand and aimed for Mast's right hand closest to her and reached out to touch... but suddenly, Mast turned around and snoopy touches Mast's butt instead..... (really it was an accident.. snoopy yelled innocently.. )

Meanwhile, Shizu continued the act of molesting and this time her target is Ray!.. She didn't just touch but ran her hand down Ray's calves and she touched a second time to confirm that Ray's legs are really nice...

By then, Snoopy feels a bit tired or bored and rested her eyes on the stage floor when suddenly something dropped in Snoopy's way.. and upon seeing it clearly, Snoopy realises that it was Mast's guitar pick! Happily Snoopy picks it up.

The whole show ends at around 9.15pm.

Now for the serious stuffs... while trying to maintain the front position in the 2nd half of the act, Snoopy and Shizu were badly squashed against the edge of the stage.. probably due to the the venue's (Cyber) bad design.
Snoopy suffered 1 blue-black on each legs.
Shizu's injury : Rib-cage and leg buises.

About the live

There are two parts. The first part is pure Aliene Majriage and the 2nd part has Noir Fleurir.

In the first part, Aliene Majriage had a non-stop performance of their songs for about 40 minutes. Kyouka's vocal sounds like what it was on their cd, even the screeching sound. While playing the bass, Ray went around and tried to get the crowds going. He was very lively during live and looks like his screaming for attention =p You just can't ignore him. He is different from most bassists as he was rather showy and talkative. Mast was rather quiet but his guitar sounds were distintive... actually it was Mast's style that he usually keep rather quiet. Ocassionally, he'll flash some smiles which was rather enchanting...

During the show, Kyouka was a big teaser, everytime when his near the edge of the stage, the fans will reach out for him by stretching their hands and try touching him, but he would skillfully miss them... not even the finger nails, After that he'll purposely let you touch. More often, he'll just miss you. It's more like an excitement where you go, "Ahhh, I've nearly touched him!". He must have practised that alot.. =p

Performance wise, he let his hypnotising eyes do the work. His not as flamboyant as Ray but if you're close enough, you'll just go starring at them.

Mast was abit strange. Sometimes his expression is very happy and sometimes he looks just plain bored and had a "I wanna go home" look. During the 'fish dance', he was rather happy and smile all the way, in between the live, he would also smile... when the others try to bully him, he laughed but he also retaliate back... he looked like the mild type of person. Even his talking was very soft, most people can't hear what his saying... haha reminds me of myself ^^"
For a guitarist, he was rather different from most. He was not showy at all and was rather reserved instead. Well that's his style, he insisted =p. But his guitar playing was rather good and special. He plays like he didn't come out much strength but yet the sound was clear and loud.
And Mast really had this sugary smile which just makes you wanna pinch his cheeks haha =p

For the songs they've sung, it was a waste that they didn't sing Sucide or Burst, which otherwise might have get the crowd more excited.

The MC session was fine. It was more like a Mast bullying section. It looks like Mast was too shy or quiet and the others were trying to get him to talk with the audience. In the end, he managed to say 'Merry Christmas' but very quickly, he ran into his little corner again

After the MC, it was kinda strange, as you would expect Noir fleurir to play as a band but when they started playing, Ray still cling to his bassist position. Mast as usual was playing the part of support guitarist for the band. And Kengo was just prancing around in his reindeer suit.

One good thing about their performance here is that even though they're actually from two different bands, they still co-ordinate well with each other.

The last two songs was quite fun but it ended so suddenly that you have no idea it ended.. Till they announce it.

A little band information

The band's debut album, Les Soiree had some role playing. Ray's role was Prince and Mast's role was Queen. Kyouka played their child. As the prince and the queen were actually blood relatives, the child suffered some mental problems. It was a forbidden love story set in the medieval period so their costumes were rather elaborated eariler on. There were 3 parts. The last part cd can be found in their photobook.

Kyouka wrote the lyrics for the songs and both Mast and Ray write the music.

As a side note, Mast and Ray had known each other since kindergarden. They were classmates. Everytime when they go clubbing, Ray will get really drunk and create some disturbance and poor Mast gotta apologise to the people around.. haha but I think seeing Mast so cute, the people most probably forget that they were disturbed =p Mast don't drink beer like Ray and I think he seldom drink. Ray likes to smoke and is very particular about food (he doesn't eat much) (-- Taha.. my guess about Ray being the drinking type, Kyouka the smoking type and Mast the one who have to drag Ray home was right! well just kidding =p)

I think they look better in person. Mast reminds me of Takashi Kashiwabara but of course Mast is much younger...really very cute ~-~
There wasn't any good Kyouka pic to match the way he looked at the live the other night... what a waste.... -_-...
Ray looked a little different from the picture here, he had a spiky hair style and looked sunny haha..

Reported by Snoopy and Shizu

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