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Hehe... finally seen Lareine's drawings... Let's start with Emiru - haha the dragon looks michevious =p always up to some pranks huh =p .. ok next Kamijo... hmm the dragon looks like some seahorse dragon?? hmm just eaten full up.. burps... Machi!!.. hoho what a cute dragon.... ohh must be a baby dragon just learning to fly... ganbatte!! chibi doragon ^^ ... ohh over to Mayu's dragon... hehe what's the Monkey doing on the magnificent dragon's head?? playing some omocha?? haha guess he must be the monkey or born under the sign of the Monkey.. hehe ... well I've also include the 2 drawings by sex machineguns coz they're funny funny dragons.. haha the one by noisy.. dunno what happen..looks like a world of mess?? then sussy's is the dragon looks like one that's found in theme parks haha ... well for everyone celebrating the New Year - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!
This is *snoopy* reporting... ciao ^^

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