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Malice Mizer - bara no seidou album
Hmm this album seems to be make just especially for the cemetery ambience... it seems like they are moving towards this type of songs. For me, I think the whole album is boring coz every song seems almost the same. The difference is that they have new vocals (actually from their previous single there is already a vocal). By the way the vocals do sound old to me ^^" I think the best song in the album is still saikai no chi to bara (The reunion of blood and rose)

Comment : Miss it if you're not a Malice Mizer or cemetery song fan
Plastic Tree - Parade album
Their new album Parade is finally out ^^. There are twelve songs in this album and about 5 songs are remakes of their singles... this is a very nice album ^^.. hmm my personal favourites are suimin yaku, sink ver 2, toremolo, verandah ver 1...
Yoshiki - Yoshiki's website

Have you visited his new website, go to www.yoshiki.net if you're not a member. If you're a member, go to www.yoshiki.com. This website reminds me of Davidbowie net as both offer paying contents etc... but I think Yoshiki's one cost around us$180 per year. The first 10000 members will get a cd-rom special for online use, a limited 10000 copies of Yoshiki.net premium plate, VioletUk's new song score, Yoshiki's autograph insert, Yoshiki.net premium mousepad. One bad point is it's written in Japanese only ne .. ^^" If you're curious about what's in the members area it contains 4 sections , first part is the special which has
Art Meseum - contains technology art, presented in meseum of web art
VioletUK - Yoshiki's leading artistes, about their activities, reports etc
PHOTO - Yoshiki and Roland Toushima Ugi?, a budding photographer. Precious pictures, wallpaper and screen saver downloads
History - Yoshiki's activites, album releases, live projects, and his personal comments
CD-ROM MAGAZINE - Released once every two months, Yoshiki.net's official cd-rom magazine.
Then there's a community section
Official Bulletin Board System Manager - A Yoshiki Character for enquires
Webmail - You'll get a web address with name@yoshiki.net
Next section is Studio
Studio live - The workings of the equipments in Yoshiki's studio.
And the last section is Music/Video
Music - Yoshiki's music, image, and the streaming audio
Video - CM King videos

So glad he resurface again ^^ I like his new works, esp the song "Without you". It's a touching song which I guess he had written out of his feelings for the late Hide? Will upload if I remember ^^' The songs he wrote for VioletUK are also nice... I think VioletUK are chosen from a group of models, all are tall, skinny and pretty.. can they sing?? Ok I think... singing is not a problem, it's the technology that changes the sound.. dun understand? Nevermind ... ^^

He built 3 studios in LA, each serving a different purpose. I think Yoshiki is shy and modest and hee sometimes I think his actions/expressions are funny ^-^ ~giggles
Ohh btw do you know that Yoshiki is also a proud owner of Sony's Aibo...He plays with it whenever he feels bored in the studio.. but I think the dog follows him home too ^-^
Cool cool ^^ That dog really is cute ^^ I owned a mini-one too.. of course that's child's play ^^"
Till then.... au revoir ^-^

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