This is my anime fanart and some characters which I've created section ^_^ ... ooohhh I just love the original characters *_~

Note: These illustrations are for viewing pleasure only. If you would like to put them on your page etc… you are most welcome but please inform/email me about it and credit me for the pictures you've used. Thanks! ^^

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Fan Art
Kenshin without scar!! I was curious at how he would look like so I drew one n see ^_^
Self-Created Character, Yuji's cousin
Heehee... a cute guy huh!? =p
Self-Created Charcater, Yuji Masahiro ^^
A character I created , Yuji Masahiro Hee this is a GUY!!! not a girl though many thought it was at first glance… erm wonder if I can find someone who looks like him in reality ^_^
Another pic of Yuji ^_^ ~ Winter Again
Ohh I love snow ^^
Self-created character, Yuji's buddy
This is Yuji's best friend, both of them are the most popular in school! ^^
Self-created character, Yuji's cousin's friend
Yuji's cousin's friend!

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