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[ Mikansei no JUKIRU to HAIDO]

This album tries to give some introduction to the band. In this album, the band displays its music style in all varieties. From fast songs like Muddy blood to sentimental songs like requiemu..

01 : Muddy blood
There's a slow intro and after 1:30mins, the music starts to get faster and all the screaming starts.... the chorus has a little tune and in between, Sakito started mumbling away..
02 : Mei Kyou Shi Sui
For a start, this song has nice lyrics ^^. Melody wise, there are some there and the song is quite a pleasure to listen. I like the lyrics for this song.
03 : [ ... ]
The beginning has Miyabi strumming his guitar away. Then when the singing starts, it goes into some kind of 'rapping?' mood. The tune is there for this song. My favourite song in the album! ^^
04 : Requiemu
Ohh another wonderful song.... but 'spoilt' by Sakito's voice ^^" haha .. well it's a slow melodic type song. From the title, you can tell that it's a sad one. I like the guitar for this song also.... remember the wave flowing guitar sound I'd always mention? ^^

[ Jisatsu Ganbou]

Released on May 00

This is the band's 2nd mini-album. I like the band's look in this album.

01 : UKATAKA NO... Yume
It starts with the winding of the music box, then the music box starts playing... after a while, it gets faster and faster (spoil already haha =p). Soon, the song starts with some growling.. overall, the music is normal.... but I like the title...
02 : Monochrome
Hmm this one I'm not sure, but the beginning seems to have someone scribbing away on some board or something and there he left. This song has a 'night club/bar' feel hahaa... a bit blues yah... ? haha.. then the center interlude, the funny sound come again... this time seems to be the person coming back from the rain. One thing I know for sure is, the person is munching an apple while counting something.... overall the song is cute... but how come there isn't any part 3 interlude?
03 : Manji Karame
Ohh something to wake you up if you feel like falling asleep after the first 2 songs... haha... but this song is also one of their popular song... it's very energetic and you can hear Miyabi barking in the background... Sakito's singing is better here... overall this song is nice ^^
04 : Shigatsu Tsuitachi Hanabatake Nite
Haha I like the title of this song, tricky ^_~... the intro is very slow rock style, it starts to get faster and then slow again... hmm .. weired song.. I'm sure it symbolises something... haha..
Secret Track
69 : Jisatsu Ganbou
Ohh.. this is my favourite song in the album! ^^ Maybe it was watching the PV.. but I like the song.. hmm the tune... ^^ err.. Sakito's voice is okay here....my fav. part comes somewhere after 2:20 mins? ... hmm a nice one ^^

[ Ame to Muchi O]

Ok.. mentioned it somewhere before but... It was hearing this song one night at the hotel(during the Tokyo trip) that I suddenly feel like shivering.... =p Then me and Shizu start calling Sakito 'cold boy' haha... =p

01 : Ame to Muchi O
Ok.. as mentioned... this song is very cold... a large part contributed by Sakito's voice.. haha.. just kidding... but overall, this song is not bad also... ^^

[ Kan Nou Aibu]

01 : Kou Bai Iyoku
Fast song... not bad... abit like those songs in Jisatsu Ganbou..
02 : Sha Zai
I like this song... ^^

[ Dear ... from xxx]

Disc 1
Hmm.. actually after listening to their songs from early ones to the current ones.. it's about the same...
01 : Dear... from xxx
02 : [Luna] he...
03 : B.U.G

Disc 2
01 : Dear... from xxx
02 : Higouhou DRUG
03 : Sel-fish
This is my favourite song in the album.

[ SHOCKEDGE 2000 ]

03 : Manji Karame
This is the same song as in their album.


13 : Kikai Shikake no Butoukai
I like this piece ^^

[ Jisatsu Ganbou VHS]

01 : Jisatsu Ganbou
The first video shows them playing the song in the forest.... hmm not bad for an indies video.. ^^
02 : Manji Karame
This was taken from their live. Interesting... they looks very 'professional' for an indies band ^^
03 : Mei Kyou Shi Sui
Another live combini clip ^^
04 : Jisatsu Ganbou ~ The Making
Ahh now comes to my favourite in the video ^^ haha I like this the most coz the band members are really very funny.. (hmm they seems to be this funny during that fanclub live too)... haha they were playing around with each other and of course not to mention the part when Miyabi and Sakito pretended to kiss.. haha it was all so funny.. =p Another part shows Miyabi trying to impress the camera with the guitar play when Sakito come to disturb by blocking him... then he tried to push Sakito away... Kikasa was always trying to hide from the camera and the camera had to find him... Kazuki was acting normal.. Overall verdict, this is a very fun to watch video........


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