DEG Special ~ PhotoField trip

Hehe just went on a photo trip.. ahh went to Dir en Grey's music video set to take some photos =p
My photography skills good hor?? =p haha just joking ^^

Nice pose.... Kyo ^^

Do re me... Kyo practising his vocals..... dun disturb...

Kaoru-san haunted by fan letters???

Who is this????

Wah.... Toshiya.. wait lemme snap a shot! ^^

err nice furniture.... =p

wahhh Kaoru looks like a pretty lady ^-^

ohh who is Toshiya distressing over??

Shinya : hnn I can also do the same pose as Toshiya...

nice scenery.. must take one pic....

ohh I like the pose.. also snap a pic..

yah yah... I know you like to talk lah Kyo =p

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